Amanda Pogue


Hi! I'm a fifth year graduate student in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester. I'm presently advised by Michael Tanenhaus and Chigusa Kurumada, and can be found in the KurTan, Kinder, and HLP Labs!

I'm interested in the kinds of information people take into account when interpreting the utterances of others. In particular my research asks questions about how people construct referential or communicative expectations, how they resolve conflicts when they receive unexpected evidence, and how they learn to do this from childhood.

Constructing Expectations

We ask how information interplays with the way speakers and listeners build expectations for one another. To what extent does information influence what a speaker says, and what a listener infers?

Generalizing from the data

Given variable evidence how do listeners update their expectations? What drives them to update their expectations for a specific speaker, as opposed to the situation?

Development of Expectations

How do children learn to construct expectations from the evidence they receive? How do they learn to appropriately update their expectations given new evidence?