Amanda Pogue - Resources

Below you will find some tutorials I've built, code I've written, and a list of resources I find helpful (this was initially generated for my undergraduate students, but overall are some helpful resources).

Tutorials & Code:


I made this tutorial for a workshop, but it is useful if you want to set up simple studies online withouth having to learn to code in javascript.

Batch Image Editing in Python

I put together a tiny snippet of python code to batch update images in a folder to meet specifications needed for certain studies (e.g., if you need different sized images for an eyetracking study, etc). Just place this python file in the folder with the source images, run it, answer the prompts, and reap the benefits (aka save your RAs from hours of tedious image editing).



Here are a few resources I've collected for undergraduate students. I keep a blog of job postings and internship positions for the undergrads in my lab / classes. I post all of the jobs and internships that I see posted on the various mailing lists that I'm on. I update the list of jobs available during my TA-terms. All of these postings are typically made available via the CogDevSoc listserv.

Searching for Resources:

  • Boolean Operators for Google Searches - Tools for more efficient searches.
  • Google Scholar - A great resource for finding academic articles. If you click on the "Cited by X" button you will find papers that have since used this paper as a reference.
  • PubMed - can use the "Review" tag under "Article Types" to find review papers.
  • Web of Science
  • URochester VPN Instructions - How to connect to the VPN so you can access articles from off-campus
    • Adding to any journal page will let you login to view articles off-campus - example.
    • Alternatively, you can search for articles using the URochester library website (it'll prompt you to log in).

Research Tools:

  • Why use version control - or why you should be using Git.
  • BitBucket - if you use Git, you'll want to use BitBucket or GitHub, pick your poison, I use BitBucket. Both have free accounts if you sign up with your UR email.
  • Mendeley - for paper management (also makes citing things really easy), you can also use Evernote, or other similar programs.
  • GraphPad - useful for figuring out what kind of stat you should run and an online calculator.